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When we discovered Anaïs Jourden Mak's collection when creating our Diversity in Design StyleBoard series, we became instantly obsessed with the Hong Kong-born designers modern, unique take on femininity, something that felt so refreshing and new.

Anaïs gained popularity quickly, with her designs seen on celebrities like Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid.  When we discovered her Ready to Wear collection, we were immediately drawn to elements like sweet polka dot details paired with edgy combat boots, classic bow accent on this super-modern fuchsia dress and a classic, feminine sweater set atop a sparkly black skirt.

Perhaps our favorite discovery was when we discovered that, for her Spring 2021 presentation, Anaïs created a collection of upcycled pieces, all pieced together from her previous 10 seasons of designs.  

“I thought about our relationship with the earth and environment,” she said. “Upcycling is also like a recollection of sentimental values.

“I have adopted a new way to deconstruct and review the notions that I used to have,” continued Mak, who worked with local tailors in Hong Kong rather than factories in mainland China this season.

In this genius, inspired collection, we're especially in love with this stunning, tiered polka dot tulle and lace dress, this patchwork-style metallic ruffle dress and this plunging-back gown with pieced together black lace and fabrics.  We think it's safe to say we'll be watching everything Anaïs is doing from here on out!

Image by Filippo Fior / via


Image by Anaïs Jourden via


Image by Filippo Fior / via


Image by Luke Casey / Courtesy of Anaïs Jourden via


Image by Luke Casey / Courtesy of Anaïs Jourden via


Image by Luke Casey / Courtesy of Anaïs Jourden via



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