Lipstick Queen

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Best-selling lipsticks from Lipstick Queen are moisturizing lipsticks (not lip tints), with each one as unique and flattering as the next.

  • Transformers: Frog Prince is the green that turns fairy-tale pink according to the pH of your skin, and Hello Sailor is the blue lipstickthat morphs into a berry tint.
  • Classic: Medieval and Jean Queen enhances your natural lip color for a pretty pout from work to play. 
  • Sinner and Saint Nudes: A sensual hydrating collection to give you rich tawny "nude" lips.
PRE-ORDER FOR JUNE SHIP: Lip Restore Balm and Scrub helps hydrate dryness, and can be used before bed or during the day.
  • .08 oz. Lipstick Queen Lip Restore Balm
  • Apply to lips. Scrub with bristle tip for maximum benefit. Rinse with warm water.
  • Follow up with Lip Restore Scrub.
Made in Canada