Dark Heart Chili Sauce

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(Gluten Free, Vegan, Contains Nuts)

Started by a Santa Cruz-born New Orleans native, Dark Heart Chili Sauce is currently made in small batches in our very own East Bay Area!  Their nut oil based spicy sauces were first created when founder Joel "discovered the rich flavors of hazelnut and walnut oil roasted cayenne chilies with garlic and sweet tomato."  Since then, they've created a full line of their own spicy sauces with nut oil inspired flavors made with their own roasted nut butters, many of which are sold weekly at our local Farmer's Markets.

To enjoy your sauce, just stir well, add to taste at your table, and enjoy!

All sauces are 4.2 ounces and contain nuts and nut oils.  Vegan and gluten free.  Refrigerate after opening.



The Abyss:  Savory & Very Hot

Dark Heart's original and spiciest sauce is roasted in rich hazelnut and walnut oils, organic cayenne chilies and garlic. It revolutionizes eggs, ramen, tacos... brings hot happiness to pizza or dipping sauces for dumplings. 

Ingredients: Organic Cayenne Chilies, Walnut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Organic Garlic, Tomato Paste, and Salt


Purgatoire des Amandes - Almond Garlic:  Savory & Medium Hot

Creamy, roasted almond butter and garlic immersed in chilies and almond oil bring out the spice devil in culinary angels. This sauce makes the moon rise over seared fish, pesto and hard cheeses.

Ingredients: California Mild Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies, Almonds, Almond Oil, Organic Garlic, Tomato Paste, and Salt

Le Reve Des Acadiens - Pecan Garlic:  Savory & Medium Hot

This is a pecan garlic parade celebrating our Louisiana heritage. It dances wildly with grilled shrimp, grits, savory crepes, or nutty cheeses. Get that chicken out of the oven and smother it in this spicy pecan love or just enjoy it on warm, crusty toast.

Ingredients: Pecans, California Mild Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies, Walnut Oil, Pecan Oil, Organic Garlic, Tomato Paste, and Salt


Purgatoire des Noix - Walnut Garlic:  Savory & Medium Hot

Smooth, earthy walnut butter and garlic simmered in chilies let you linger in edible eternity with roast chicken, quiche, and tofu. Savor the spicy depth in winter squash soup, potatoes and a juicy roast.

Ingredients: California Mild Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies, Walnuts, Walnut Oil, Organic Garlic, Tomato Paste, and Salt


Cerise Sombre - Dark Cherry:  Sweet & Hot

Rich flavors of dried cherries with roasted almonds, delivered in the hot spice of organic cayenne and almond oil, lure fresh salmon right out of the stream and into the pan. Savor its tart charm with creamy brie and crackers. Seduce your ice cream with Cerise Sombre for a memorable date night.

Ingredients: Dried Cherries (Contains Organic Sugar, Safflower Oil), Almonds, Almond Oil, Organic Cayenne Chilies, and Salt


Chilis Erotiques - Cardamom Rose:  Sweet & Medium Hot

Cardamom, rose, dates and almonds dance with chilies and almond oil to create erotic flavors that whisper exotic secrets to grilled vegetables, lamb and rice. At sunset this sauce brings rose kisses to pistachio ice cream and flaky, buttery pastries.

Ingredients: Almonds, California Mild Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies, Almond Oil, Organic Dates, Rosewater, Cardamom, and Salt


Le Diable Cacao - Cacao Date:  Sweet & Medium Hot

Organic cacao and dates sweeten roasted almond butter with chilies for a profound flavor romance. Like a dark chocolate mole, this sauce will make taco night become taco week. It's a revelation with ice cream, bananas and cookies.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Organic Cacao Nibs, Calabrian Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies, Almonds, Organic Dates, Salt


Praline Piquante - Spicy Candied Pecan:  Sweet & Medium Hot

Organic butter, sugar candied pecans and spicy chilies bring the New Orleans party right on home to grilled shrimp, fried chicken, ribs or yams. Revel in the praline, sweet heat with ice cream and waffles.

Ingredients: Pecans, Calabrian Chilies, Organic Cayenne Chilies,Walnut Oil, Organic Butter, Organic Brown Sugar, Pecan Oil, and Salt - Give a little stir before serving.