Little Luxuries that Inspire Sharing

Posted by Robyn Burnaford on

In our recent posts, we've shared how we're continually working on minimizing our environmental impact while at the same time developing a new, signature way of personalizing and packaging each and every gift.

When it comes to gift giving, we're here for you.  There's nothing we love more than helping you pick out the perfect piece and wrapping it up just right so your loved one feels special, celebrated and touched.  For us, it's not only about a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also an experience.  An experience to be shared, remembered and treasured forever, just like their delicately handmade new accessory.

Don't forget, we can customize your pieces in many ways from length, metal or size to incorporating personalized touches like your own unique charms or stones.  Contact us by texting 510-524-0662 or email to learn more.  We can't wait to work with you!






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