Connecting with and Supporting our Berkeley Community

Posted by Robyn Burnaford on

“The church has an obligation to feed the poor, and we cannot spend all our money on buildings [in speaking of Cathedral in SF] . However, there are many kinds of hunger. There is a hunger for bread, and we must give people food. But there is also a hunger for beauty – and there are very few beautiful places that the poor can get into... a few places where the poor can go and sit down and be with God in beauty.”  - Dorothy Day

As we move into the new year, we'll be sharing with you our latest journey as we work together with Dorothy Day House Berkeley, a nonprofit servicing the homeless in our local Berkeley community. 

For us at viv&ingrid, we have always worked towards a similar purpose to what Dorothy Day describes - to create a beautiful experience for the people we meet through out the day.  Beauty does not need to be merely superficial, it can have a holy purpose and connect an entire community for good. 

You can read the latest news on Dorothy Day House here, and check out their website to find out how to get involved . As for viv&ingrid, we are collaborating on a special project launching this Spring, so please follow along as we help create a new space of beauty for the community to share! 


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